BESTILE Management Policy

The Direction of Bestile has decided to implant and to mantain valid a Quality System and Enviroment based on the requirements of the norms UNE-EN-ISO-9001/2000 and UNE EN ISO 14001:2004.

For this, BESTILE management undertakes to:

Get the quality requirements of the clients, concerning the production of ceramic tiles. At the same time, Bestile will stablish the appropiate ways to know the needs of the clients and also the level of satisfaction with the service of the company.

Follow the rules and norms of its own activity, and also the oner of the Enviroment and any others that the company should consider appropiate.

Keep a good relationship with its own suppliers in order to get the best service and to improve the efficiency of the process of the company.

Train up the workers of the company to get better results, not allowing that anyone performs an activity that does not know.

Promote the importance of the teamwork, ande the cooperation for getting the targets of the company.

Provide the necessary resources to get the objectives according with the stablished policy.

Promote a better use of the raw materials and naturals resources, and to prevent and to reduce pollution through reciclyng the wastes.

The Direction of Bestile will be continuosly making an effort to improve the effectiveness of the Quality Sistem stablished and to asume the consequencer.

The Direction of Bestile
Alcora, 15th May 2006

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