Inkjet Technology

Bestile uses to have an innovative nature, this is our esence, our vocation.

In 2005, any of the companies of the sector had even thought about this posibility, Bestile understood that it was necessary to get ahead with the new tendences of the market and that is why we decided to implant in our production systems the new INKJET Technology.

We were the first ones and we were right about it, we dared to nee workable something that at first glance seemed to be impossible.

Bestile has been the first company in the ceramic sector, in using this technology. It allows us to design and to produce all our illusions. We are the first ones in decorating with Inkjet on irregular surfaces and on high reliefs. our experience on using this technology, is demonstrated on the excellent finished of all our products (we begun in 2005). All our items are decorated with this technology.

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