In cooperation with Neos Additives and Azuliber, Bestile has been able to develop the CEILING series, a new product and cutting edge ceramic concept, which has been awarded due to its many new utilities and qualities. Among these, we have to highlight its low thickness and lightness, features that allow it to be placed on to the ceilings and, through this, achieve more personalized, more resistent and of higher longevity sets, in comparison to the pannels we may find on market nowadays. It can also be installed on damp sets such as bathrooms or kitchens, given its low condensation.


The Company Bestile, located in Castellon, has developed (together with Azuliber and Neos Additives), a new ceramic body composition that reduces almost 50% the firing cycle. This project has won the Alfa de Oro award in last Cevisana 2008.

Using this, the amount of CO² that the kilns emit to the etmosphere is reduced a 15%. At the same time Bestile ratifies its commitment with the enviroment. As the company has confirmed, the confirmed, the new body composition is a part the project "Ecoker", that involves also the companies Neos Additives and Azuliber.

Four years have been necessary for completinf the process of presenting the new project and applying the new element at the production system. It has been a hig effort for the technical stall of Bestile, who has estimated that it is possible to save 2.000 tones of CO² per year.

This save is equivalent to plant 332.000 trees per year. Using the new ceramic body composition, Bestile completes the new way of production that began 3 years ago.. It was then when Bestile decided to produce in white body using the digital printing INKJET.

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